Women in Cinema Collective: Bhagyalakshmi scoffs at Sajitha Madathil

August 10, 2017 4:47 pm Published by :

Thiruvananthapuram: Dubbing Artist Bhagyalakshmi scoffed at actress Sajitha Madathil after she offered a membership to Bhagyalakshmi in the forum Women in Cinema Collective (WCC).

There are differences and arguments erupting about WCC among women artistes in the Malayalam film industry.

Actress Lakshmipriya pointed out that WCC is an association of just 20 members. Meanwhile, Swetha Menon declared that she knows how to fight for herself and never needs the support of WCC.

Like these artistes, Bhagyalakshmi came forward with her Facebook post and rejected the membership in WCC.

In the post, she mocks at Sajitha Madathil who offered the membership. She compares the offer to a goddess giving blessings. She rejected the membership stating that she knows how to protect herself without WCC.