We Can see Oviya in Big Screen Soon

August 8, 2017 10:21 am Published by :

Chennai: Oviya, one of the most popular, and now, exited from the contest of Bigg Boss Tamil, is playing an extended cameo in the Vishnu Vishal-starrer Silukkuvarpatti Singam.

She will be seen in three important scenes, besides a ‘thiruvizha’ song. A source says, “Vishnu and Oviya have known each other for a long time and he suggested her name to the director.

When Vishnu Vishal approached Oviya, she agreed to be a part of the film without a second thought. She got the offer to be in Bigg Boss Tamil only when on our sets. Oviya hasn’t acted for the past one-and-a-half years. Silukkuvarpatti… is sort of her  comeback in Tamil cinema.”

Vishnu Vishal says, “I didn’t reveal this information till this date to anyone because I thought it would seem like we are doing this for publicity. It was great having her on our sets. She’s an amazing person.”