Casting Couch in film industry is a Fact; Says Gautami

August 8, 2017 2:53 pm Published by :

Kochi: We all know that ‘Casting Couch’ is existed in South Indian Film Industry also. Recently, lots of actresses came forward to talk about the worst practice of Casting Couch.

Now, South Indian Film industry’s senior actress Gautami Tadimalla, who doesn’t mince words to speak out her views on the methodologies of film industry, has made some astonishing comments on the ‘Casting Couch’ issue.

Meanwhile,  Gautami accepted that casting couch exists in the film industry.

‘Nowadays we hear a lot about casting couch but it is not only restricted to film industry. It exists in whatever field you take’ Says Gautami.

“People compromise on some standards to achieve certain heights in life. How much you compromise is your ‘personal decision’. We should have the courage to face consequences when we take the decision to compromise” added Gautami.

Recently, Gautami Tadimalla parted ways with Ulaganayakan Kamal Hassan a few months ago after having been in a live in relationship with him for 18 years.