Journalist Dhanya Rajendran verbally abused and sexually harassed by Vijay fans on Twitter

August 7, 2017 5:18 pm Published by :

Bengaluru: The News Minute Online editor and Renowned Journalist Dhanya Rajendran was verbally abused and sexually harassed by Vijay fans as she made a remark against his movie ‘Suraa’.

Dhanya Rajendran, the former Journalist in TIMES NOW, was lashed out with few hashtags on Twitter.

Our question is, Actor Vijay who has verified Facebook, Twitter accounts couldn’t notice this or is he silently approving his ‘FILTHY’ fans to do such cheap activities. As an actor, he must keep his fans under control. Dhanya has clearly tweeted how organized they were in abusing and trolling her.

This is not a new thing for fans of Actor Vijay to abuse the person who criticizes actor Vijay’s movies. Dhanya Rajendran is the latest victim to them. Either, Actor Vijay should step up and ask his fans to be matured or he should.