Another Cheating story against Actor Dileep? Man claims the advice of actor ruins his life

August 7, 2017 4:27 pm Published by :
According to Jasir, he met with an accident in February last year when he was working as a delivery boy at a Dubai cafeteria.

Kochi: Jasir, a security guard in Ajman accused Mollywood Actor Dileep, who is in  jail in connection with an actress abduction case, of ruining his life after he followed the Malayalam actor’s advice and accepted his Job Offer, which he never got.

According to Asianet Newsable,  Jasir, a native of Vadakara in Kozhikode, alleged that actor Dileep used him to create a better image (of himself) in the society.

According to  Jasir, he met with an accident in February last year when he was working as a delivery boy at a Dubai cafeteria.

Actor Dileep and his friends, who arrived on the spot, rescued him and took him to a hospital nearby. They also informed the media about the accident and it was widely reported, especially in UAE and Kerala.

Jasir said he had been told to mention the actor’s name as the one who rescued him. He followed the instruction and later Dileep’s friends, including film director Nadirshah, invited him to a party at the set of Malayalam movie ‘King Liar’.

Dileep, who met him at the party, told Jasir to leave his current job and offered him a better one. Trusting the offer, Jasir quit from the Dubai job, cancelled his visa and returned to Kerala. Jasir tried to contact the actor several times but there was no response.

Later, he got a job of a security guard in Ajman. However, Jasir lamented that his salary is only Dh1,000 now, whereas his previous salary in Dubai was Dh4,000.

He said it would have been possible for him to build a house in Kerala with his previous job but it is difficult for him to fulfil his dream with his present salary, Jasir rued.

Meanwhile, the Kerala police have said that they have reached the final stage of investigation in the actress abduction case, reports Onmanorama.

The police team is likely to make two more arrests soon, the report added. But more details on the suspects were not immediately known.