Writer Shobhaa De opens her mouth on  India and its obsession with virginity

August 5, 2017 11:51 am Published by :
Writer Shobhaa De

Mumbai,August5:Writer Shobhaa De is spending her time courting controversy rather than dabble with words on paper .Recently she took on  news media article on the issue of ‘Marital Status Declaration Form’, albeit the The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), Patna.

Outraged by the invasion of privacy of her fellow country men and women she retorted, “How dare you ask such questions?” The ‘it’ being the taboo , coy question and most personal, the most intrusive information about one’s sexual promiscuity.

While the medical hospital sheepishly  admitted that issuing this form was an age old practice that is a part of the ‘general process’ since 1983, De is irritated about the lack of protect and dissension to the blatant and unorthodox intrusion of personal privacy.

Faced with  widespread criticism and protests, the man in charge admitted any change in the form will have to be authorized and cleared by the Indian government.

She blames the Sarkari babus who are known to waste time, money, energy printing rule books and forms that serve zero purpose.This profound   practice that supposedly judge ‘character’ is termed as nauseating.

The quoted the case of late  Princess Diana being subjected to a virginity test before being cleared by the Palace to marry Prince Charles.

This amounts to saying the even the royals are not spared from such voyeuristic scrutiny ,

Now that the world is commemorating her 20th death anniversary, more and more information is emerging to establish just how cruel and unfair the entire sham wedding was to her.

She further declares that if Di had flunked that test – she might have been alive today.

Shobha De protests about the changing times in India and rape ,slut shaming mentality and child marriage and the need to change the Indian male  mindset  about judging women.

She declares her love for the same India that she despises and mocks politicians to get ready with  Virginity Detection Kit.

It is quoted ,”Meanwhile, we will pretend we have not read the report that states three-fourths of Bihar’s ministers have criminal cases against them. It’s okay to be a criminal. But no tokay to be a non-virgin! Yeh mera India. I love my India.”