UMEED Official Teaser: The Story Narrates Unethical Drug Trials In India By Foreign Pharmaceuticals

August 5, 2017 12:33 pm Published by :

48,000 Children Have Been Paralyzed Forever Due To Unethical Drug Trials In India

11,500 Children In India Have Lost Their Lives Because Of Unethical Drug Trials

There Are Countless Victims of Unethical Drug Trials In India By Foreign Pharmaceuticals

They Continue To Kill…And They Are Making Billions

The above facts will surely startle you. These figures are a part of the teaser of the upcoming medical thriller Umeed which released on social media. The teaser of the film highlights appalling visuals of the victims of unethical medical drug trials and succeeds in sending a shiver down the spine. It is hard hitting to the core. Apparently based on true incidents, the film seems to be different from the regular run of the mill fare.

Umeed is produced by Welcome Friends Productions and directed by Rajat S Mukherjee. The film is scheduled to release on 22 September, 2017.