This Shaving Cream Ad of Shah Rukh Khan Puts him in Trouble

August 5, 2017 11:14 am Published by :

Bhopal: Get in trouble with their endorsements in not a new thing for Celebrities.

Now, the star in trouble with endorsement is Shah Rukh Khan, and the product is a Shaving Cream.

Rajkumar Pandey, A resident of Bhopal, has filed a complaint against Shah Rukh Khan after he incurred rashes on his face, thanks to this cream.

The complainant alleges that SRK is misleading people by informing that this cream is ‘India’s number one’ shaving cream by endorsing it. Apparently, the complainant developed rashes after using this cream and then he had to go to a government hospital to get a treatment.

According to Hindustan Times, originally attributed to PTI Bhasha, magistrate Kashinath Singh has sent legal notices to Shah Rukh Khan, the manufacturer of the product, a local shopkeeper and the director of Madhya Pradesh Food and Drugs Department after hearing the Bhopal resident’s complaint.

Apparently, the complainant got the this cream tested and it was found out that the cream is of low, bad quality. No confirmation or clarification has been given from Shah Rukh’s team as of yet.

For long, the debate has been on as to whether celebrities should endorse the products they do not use or believe in. We remember how Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta were served PILs when instant noodles Maggie was discovered to constant harmful components like MSG and lead. The controversy took a really long time to die down. (Also Read: SRK on his equation with Aryan: We crack some dirty jokes)

Let’s wait and watch if any statement comes from Shah Rukh Khan himself or his legal team, regarding the matter.