Does Sai Pallavi apply more make-up for highlighting her Sexy Pimples?

August 5, 2017 4:00 pm Published by :

Hyderabad: Other day when some fans have caught beautiful Tamil girl Sai Pallavi hopping in the shopping mall area of Hyderabad’s international airport, they are stunned to see her natural beauty. And then they started wondering if she’s so cute and adorable without makeup in real life, how come she’s looking harsh with acne (pimples on face) in the runaway hit “Fidaa”?
One could feel the pinch inside the film that Sai Pallavi appeared with acne look most of the time in the movie. During the filming of her debut film Premam, her director was said to have asked to wear that acne look as that’s more natural and sexy as well. And now, our beautiful girl is said to be continuing the same look for other films.

But it looked like she wore more pimples intentionally in Fidaa, by pinking up the area with makeup for the movie. Otherwise, in real life, she’s not having such huge acne covering her right cheek, while her left cheek looks naturally tender. And the rumour is that she wore more of those pimples to bring more sex appeal to the Bhanumati character.

There is another version, however, which says that Sai Pallavi got her acne removed through laser technology post the shooting of Fidaa. They say that she doesn’t want to appear with that look during the promotions of the film and hence got rid of it. Maybe that’s also the reason her face is appearing tender now while it looked harsh in Fidaa.

For the kind of acting talent she has, this acne maybe a sex appeal for a few, but everyone is liking her mostly for her expressions only.