31 Year Old Ramya Barna married her much younger boyfriend Fahad Ali Khan

August 5, 2017 4:52 pm Published by :
Fahad is considerably younger to Ramya.

Bengaluru: Recently, Tamannaah acted in a movie titled ‘AAA’ where she used to confess that she has fallen in love with a guy who is younger to her. At the same time, a 58-Year-Old grandfather also falls in love with Tamannaah. The movie wanted to convey the message that Age is not a barrier to fall in love with each other.

Now, such an incident has happened in Kannada film industry. Kannada Actress Ramya Barna has married her boyfriend Fahad Ali Khan in a secret affair. Fahad is considerably younger to Ramya.

Ramya Barna has crossed 30+ and she got famous after acting in the Kannada movie ‘Honey Honey’ and Tamil movie ‘Mathiya Chennai’. In this case, she married her boyfriend in a secret affair at Bengaluru. Even though they were married for a while, the truth was revealed only on July 14th.

This marriage has been a shock to both their parents and family members. Sources say both the families were against their marriage as they were from different religions. It should be noted that Janata Dal party’s MLA Zameer Ahmed’s relative is Fahad Ali Khan.