Why Riya Sen Pulled down her Co-Stars Pants? 

August 4, 2017 1:32 pm Published by :
All this incidents are happened on the sets of Ekta Kapoor's Ragini MMS 2 web series.

Mumbai: Today a shocking news heared that an actress has literally pulled down her co-star’s pants and everyone on the sets ended up looking at his butt. Who is the actress and actor and what actually happens?

All this incidents are happened on the sets of Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2 web series. A heavy-duty lovemaking scene required Riya Sen to expose, but the daughter Yesteryear actress Moon Moon Sen’s daughter had other ideas.

Riya Sen suddenly pulled down her co-star Nishant Malkani’s trackpants, who literally didn’t know where to hide! An eye-witness says that Nishant’s hips were exposed partially. (An eye-witness on the shooting set says that Nishant’s hips were exposed partially.)

Why Riya Sen acted on This way?

Riya Sen did not denied the incident.  She told to SpotboyE.com, “Yes, it is happened. You see I wanted to tell the director (Suyash) that why should every time a woman be made to expose in intimate scenes? Why can’t it be the man who exposes?”

It is heared that Riya Sen had strong creative differences with Suyash before this scene was shot. “They wanted me to expose a lot. I resisted vehemently. Suyash refused to budge and then I had a bright idea, which I executed in the middle of the shot” she explains.

“The shot was being taken at high speed and I quickly pulled down Nishant’s trackpants. And then I gave them a long speech. We have a female audience too, right? Why don’t we keep them in mind? “Riya sen further added.

It is a doubt that Did she not indulge in any intimacy at all?

“Well, I indulged in some kissing scenes for sure. But I managed not to over expose myself at all,” Riya shot back.

According to Riya Sen, this controversial scene will be shown in the 8th episode of Ragini MMS 2.