Single ‘Boom Boom’ from Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss’ Spyder was launched on YouTube

August 3, 2017 6:33 pm Published by :
Single 'Boom Boom' from Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss' Spyder was launched on YouTube

Hyderabad,August3:The first single ‘Boom Boom’ from Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss’ Spyder was launched on you tube. The foot tapping number composed by Harris Jayaraj and sung by Nikita Gandhi starts off with the line ‘Boom Boom Bang Bang bhookampala sabdhame’ which means the sound of an earthquake.

The song then goes on in keeping with the image of Mahesh Babu with the lyrics saying that he is a nemesis to his enemies and a spy and protector of the good. Lines such as ‘Marvel comicse veeni chusinaaka raasaremo’ (Marvel comics must have been written after watching him) and ‘Harvardslo ee monagadu patta kaani pondademo (Is this hero a graduate from Harvard) clearly are geared towards elevating the super star image of Mahesh.

The song refers to him as a spy with the line ‘Aye Tappu ponche muppu anni chedesthadule’ (He averts dangers and wrongs about to be done). The song finally ends with the lines ‘Who’s that guy…….My my my….. He’s a spy……fly fly fly..’
In short Boom Boom song is a classy number with entirely mass lyrics and although connoisseurs might be a tad disappointed with the final out, it will surely reverberate with fans of Mahesh.