Dubbing Artist Bhagyalakshmi lashes out PC George MLA

August 1, 2017 12:35 pm Published by :

Thiruvananthapuram: Renowned Malayalam dubbing artist and Women activist Bhagyalakshmi has lashed out at Politician PC George, the Member of Legislative assembly from Poonjar Constituency, for his ‘cruel statements’ about the young actress who was assaulted in a moving car in Kochi on February 17 this year.

Bhagyalakshmi, in her Facebook post,  said PC George had insulted the actress and that he also mocked the investigation team.

Poonjar MLA PC George

Bhagyalakshmi was responding to PC George’s statements on how the victim actress went on to act in movies two days after the heinous incident and why she did not go to hospital for treatment. Bhagyalakshmi said that it was shameful that a people’s representative could talk in such a way.

Questioning George, Bhagyalakshmi said, “Should an attacked or molested girl sit at home and end her life crying? Is that what the people’s representative is saying? Are such things a joke for you? Are you saying these just because the victim is an actress? If such an incident had happened to your daughter, would you lock her up and make her sit at home?”

Here is the Facebook Post of Bhagyalakshmi:

“George sir, if you think you are a star by speaking out such things, then you need to think if people listening to you will actually applaud you. By saying these, are you trying to justify the act of (main accused) Pulsar Suni and his gang? This is indeed a cruel statement. If you are a true representative of people, then you should know people’s pain rather than taking out guns and claiming unwanted things,” Bhagyalakshmi wrote.

On Monday  PC George has made a statement against the victim actress at the Alappuzha Press Club. He also challenged the state government, seeking it to probe the wealth and assets of Mollywood superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty, and others in the film industry.

PC George also said that actor Dileep was a ‘poor guy’ who got his wealth through his hard work. Dileep was arrested on July 10th 2017,  on the charge of for hiring goons to abduct the actress and videotape the assault.

Here is the statement made by PC George Yesterday: