Was Salman Khan Planning To Marry Sangeeta Bijlani In 1993?

June 24, 2017 10:30 am Published by :
Salman Khan and Sangeetha Bijlani

Mumabi: Salman Khan has never allowed people to peep too deep into his personal life. The actor prefers to only let his work speak on his behalf. Neither does he comment on his movies nor his work.

But, was the Bollywood  superstar always so quite about his work and personal life?

The answer is a simple ‘No’. It was rather surprising when pinkvilla.com posted a transcript of a Salman Khan interview from 1993 in which he had talked about things he would not wish to talk now.

In the interview, when Salman Khan was countered with questions regarding his personal life and plans of getting married he had said, “Yes, I plan to marry. When the time comes I will. It could be to Sangeeta (Bijlani) or to anybody else.”

When the interviewer tried to extract some more information the Muscle Man had said, “No more personal questions.

The interviewer even managed to ask Sallu whether things like ‘he’s arrogant’, ‘he’s too big for his shoes’, affect him.

To this, Salman Khan had replied without being dissed. He stated, “Yah! I’m arrogant! I’m not intense. I am a terrible guy. I’m arrogant! I’m rude! I’m nasty…! And I like to keep people at a distance. I know my close friends haven’t changed But there are these acquaintances who, I know for a fact, laugh every time a movie flops. I ignore it.”

The actor was young at the time of this interview and maybe understood a little less about the industry as he knows it now. Many years in the industry has made the actor wise and now he measures his words and speaks before disclosing things about his personal life and professional too.