Pallu Babu, a comedy actor in Kollywood begging in streets

June 24, 2017 3:07 pm Published by :

Chennai: Lack of offers in the film industry turned an actor to a beggar.

We are talking about Kollywood comedian Pallu Babu, who has acted in Tamil hit movie ‘Kaadhal’ in 2004 starring Bharath and Sandhya, directed by Balaji, recently he was spotted begging near a temple in Chulaimedu, Chennai on Friday.

Though the movie was blockbuster at the office but unfortunately he went unnoticed and it did not bring any offers to him. His movie Kadhal has been dubbed into Telugu as Premisthe.

As Pallu Babu had no work to earn the money, he turned as a beggar. The sources say that he was depressed after the death of his parents and the situation turned worse as no role were offered to him, so he decided to turn beggar for the survival.