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Is the News, Movie about Ramayana, a Wrong Project?

May 11, 2017 10:31 am Published by :
After the news broke out, discussions started in the social media regarding the project.

Hyderabad: From Yesterday, a news broke out that Allu Aravind is producing the epic ‘Ramayana’ in Big Screen along with two other producers with a massive Rs. 500 crore budget.

After the news broke out,  discussions started in the social media regarding the project.

According to the opinion of some people, that the epic Ramayana doesn’t have the required drama and scale to keep the interest of the audience like Mahabharata,  moreover, several films have been already made on Ramayana till now. They are saying that the story runs one dimensional so it is doubtful to excite the new generation audience.

Perhaps,  there are other opinions, who are countering these arguments with interesting facts. Let us have a look at those arguments.

It’s true that Ramayana doesn’t have the scale and drama like Mahabharata but, comparatively Ramayana story is simple and there will be no complications in the story involved. To make Mahabharata, a filmmaker require many powerful characters. All the stars can have a place in Mahabharata.  Whereas, the story Ramayana revolves around fewer characters.

Secondly, as per the initial reports, they said that the film is made into a trilogy with a budget of Rs. 500 crore. So, the budget for each part will be around Rs. 165 Cr. If the budget shoots up, it will be around 200 Cr. Investing Rs. 200 Cr. for a movie which will have international appeal is a wise deal.

There is another interesting aspect to Ramayana Movie. Even though it is common for Tollywood to make films based on Ramayana(The recent one being Sri Rama Rajyam starring Nandamuri Balakrishna), it is a completely a new idea for Hindi and Tamil. None of the Hindi, Tamil makers have made films based on these epics in the past several years.

Initial reports suggest that a Bollywood star is approached by the producers for play the role of Lord Rama. Speculations are going on in the Tollywood that Stylish Star Allu Arjun is playing the role of Hanuman in this trilogy.

More than all these things, when a shrewd business man like Allu Aravind is ready to invest that kind of money there is something to it ?. We can wait until the official announcement about the movie comes out.