Yes, actually Baby Baahubali is a Girl!!!

May 8, 2017 4:40 pm Published by :

Kochi: The first 1000 Crore club Indian movie, continues it’s successful victory lap in theaters not only in India But all over the world.

The people who watched Baahubali 2, should never forget ‘Sivagami Devi’, the character portrayed by Ramya Krishna. She had done the same role in Baahubali: The beginning also.

Do you remember the infant who is seen as Mahendra Baahubali in Ramya Krishna’s Arms in Baahubali: The Beginning and The Conclusion? The baby she had held up till she drowned in the water.

Now,  the interesting fact is that the baby is actually a girl. The girl was the child of Valsan, a native of Chalakkudi and also one of the production executives of the film in Kerala.

Baby of Baahubali


Her name is Akshitha and the baby was only 18 months old when these scenes of the infant Baahubali were shot.

Reports say that the baby shot for five days to cover those scenes where the infant Baahubali is seen. So, she is the youngest actor in the Baahubali series.

Her mother Smitha, was around when the shooting went on. She has few shots in the first part and some other shots in the second part of the film which is gripping to the audience across the globe.

Infant Baahubali

Akshitha with her Father, Mother and Brother

Now, Baby Akshitha is 3 years old and going to a nearby Anganvaadi in Kerala’s Kalady, where she lives.

Akshitha watched the movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion with his father Valsan and mother Smitha at Ankamali Carnival theater on the first day of release itself.

But, even now Baby Akshitha didn’t know she was part of a Universal Movie, that broke many records of Indian Cinema till date.