Kannada Actress Molested: Culprits are Her friends

May 3, 2017 12:11 pm Published by :
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Bengaluru: She believed in her friends blindly. That is the only fault she did. A night out with them went horribly wrong for this 32-year-old Kannada actress when the two friends of her allegedly sexually assaulted her in Bengaluru.

The Actress was out with two of her friends, Sachin and Praveen on Sunday evening. At around 7.30 pm, Praveen, who was driving the car, stopped near Hegganahalli.

“The two men then got out. Curious as to why her friends were getting out of the car without reason, the actress got out as well. It was a deserted road and that’s when the two men tried to molest her,” the Rajagopal Nagar Police says.

The two men held her hand and began pushing her into their car’s back seat, says the complaint filed by the actress.

According to Police sources from Rajagopal Nagar, the actress fought with them off and ran away from the scene. Once she reached the safety of a busy main road, the actress called a taxi cab and reached the police station to file a petition.

The Actress alleged that since the past 2 years, she had been receiving phone calls in her mobile from an unknown number.

The caller would speak to the actress in a vulgar language and also send her text messages that amount to sexual harassment. She didn’t know that it was these culprits who were sending her those messages until Sunday night when they allegedly speak to her about it, says a police source.

According to Police source, the Actress had warned the anonymous caller sternly on a lot of times. The Actress assumed that the harassment would stop and hence did not report it.

However, the incident happened on Sunday evening shook her, which led her to take action at the sudden.

The Rajagopal Nagar police have filed FIR under section 354 against the two culprits Praveen and Sachin.