Nagpur director Shailesh Narwade promotes his maiden celluloid effort ‘Roommates’,a 130-minute Marathi film , shot in Nagpur

February 21, 2017 5:19 pm Published by :
Nagpur director Shailesh Narwade promotes his maiden celluloid effort 'Roommates'. The 130-minute Marathi film , shot in Nagpur

NAGPUR, Feb 21: Giving a further push to filmmaking in the city is debutant director Shailesh Narwade who is busy giving finishing touches to his maiden celluloid effort ‘Roommates’. The 130-minute Marathi film has been shot entirely in Nagpur and has all actors, technicians and music director from the city.

“Nagpur does not get its due in terms of quality and talent. So I decided to make this an out and out local product so that nobody should say that the film was good as the cinematographer or the music director was from Mumbai or Pune,” Narwade told TOI.

Passionate about filmmaking since he was twelve years old, Narwade first realized that he could make a film when he saw a shadow play at school and could replicate it at home. Later he dabbled in script writing. He has penned the script of this film also. “This is a crime thriller, a less tried genre in Marathi cinema,” says the director about the movie which is the story of three friends who get embroiled in a case. “The story unfolds in just six days. The narration is fast paced,” he informed.

 Selecting Marathi as the language, the writer director says that though this may restrict the reach of the film, it works for him as it is easier to network with Marathi producers and distributors. “The script of this film is in Hindi and I tried for a year to find a producer. Finally a group of my friends came together and we decided to make it in Marathi. Hindi film market is very big and difficult to penetrate. But as the film is rich in content it will work well at regional level,” he said.
Agreeing that making a film with an unknown cast is a risk, Narwade said, “There are people like me in this city who are passionate about cinema. We auditioned to shortlist our actors and then put them through a workshop.” Saying that the story does not need known faces Narwade added, “I am not aspiring for a super hit. The effort is to get noticed and get a foothold in the industry.”
Made at a cost of less than Rs45 lakhs, Roomates will be released in cinemas around May. “We have shown the rough cut of the film to some producers and distributors in Mumbai and have got encouraging response for its rich content and our cost management efforts,” he said.
Planning a regular release instead of taking the film festival route, Narwade, along with Amol Maokar, who has helped him with the project, will promote it on social media. “We are targeting the youth and also want distributors to pick it up. People are interested in watching a good film. Where it is made is of no consequence,” said the director who has shot the film at 25 locations around the city. But he has apprehensions that the Nagpur tag may harm the film locally. “People here feel that if it is made in Nagpur it will be of poor quality,” he said.